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We are pleased to introduce you to our Internet platform for ordering Printed Circuit Boards that is far more than a simple Online shop. Exceeding the range of PCB prototyping we provide you a comfortable and cheap procurement tool from low to high volume series of Single Sided, Double Sided, Plated through and Multilayer PCB's.

Microcirtec is a family owned German Printed Circuit Boards manufacturer, who – to guarantee the highest level of quality, service and well-price – only relies on the experience and skill of its PCB production in Krefeld in the Rhine area.

For further questions concerning the production of PCB`s please address yourself to our salesteam.

Your Benefits at a glance

  • Online at lowest prices possible *
  • Standard 6 w-days turnaround without surcharge
  • Free registration
  • Express 2 w-days turnaround service
  • Ordering around the clock possible *
  • Personal service until 10 p.m.
  • PCBs from 1 to 24 layers
  • RoHS-compliant (Leadfree)
  • Order status is always available *
  • Always access to your data *

*: Valid for Basic Jet Line and Medium Jet line

Our PCB Service in Details

Premium Jet Line

The first step to personal advisory service:

  • Thickness of PCB`s and Multilayer Boards from 0,50 mm up to 3,2 mm
  • From Single Sided up to 12-layer PCB`s (Multilayer)
  • PCB`s with Microvias (100 – 200mµ), Buried Vias and Blind Vias
  • Standard soldermask green, optionally in white, red and black
  • PCB`s in Fine-Line and Micro-Fine-Line technology
  • All ROHS convenient surfaces like:
    • Chemical Thin (chem. Th)
    • Chemical Silver (chem. Ag)
    • Chemical Gold (Nipau or ENIG)
    • Galvanic gold (Ni/Au)
    • OSP (Organic Surface Protection)
  • PCB`s with Carbon Printing, Blue Mask, Viafilling, all kinds of screen printing
  • with routing and scoring or both as single PCB or as a PCB-Panel (Panelization)
  • Optionally with Electrical testing with Flying Probe or Adaptor Testing
Medium Jet Line

Printed Circuit Boards – calculating and ordering of prototyping up to series production:

  • From Prototyping up to 1000 dm² PCB surface
  • From Single Sided up to 8-layer PCB`s (Multilayer)
  • Surface HAL lead free
  • Standard soldermask green
  • Optionally soldermask white
  • Screen printing/silk screen (both sides)
  • Routing and scoring
  • Thickness from 1,00 to 2,40 mm
  • Panelized or as a single PCB
  • Optionally with Electrical testing with Flying Probe or Adaptor Testing
  • Choice between standard delivery and individual lead time (Express service)
  • Storage of artwork data for repeating order or High Volume Production

Basic Jet Line

Order and calculate your own Multi-Image Panel (Multi Panel) with one or different PCB`s of the same specifications:

  • Up to 5 panels with a panel surface of 480 x 280 mm
  • From Single Sided up to 4-layer PCB`s (Multilayer)
  • Surface HAL lead free
  • Standard soldermask green
  • Restricted to milling and max 5000 drilled holes


Our uniqe PCB Service: Express service for High Volumes

If you need to be the first on your market with your newly developed products – by ordering our Rapid Mass Production service you can extremely accelerate your PCB series (up to 30 m² production surface) with moderate extra charges.