Capabilities - Product Range

Rigid | Flexible | Flex-Rigid | Low Density | Hight Density Interconnect Carriers (HDI) | Circuit Boards | Printed Circuit Boards | Electric Circuit Boards | Electronic Wired Boards | Printed Wiring Boards | Etched Circuit Boards | Etched | Circuitries | Rigid Boards | Flexible Boards | Flex-Rigid Board Circuit Cards | Multi Layer Circuits | Multilayer Boards | Multi Layered Boards | PCB Carriers | PCB | PCBS | PWB | PWBs | ML | MLs | MLB | MLBs

Your possibilities

  1. SS = Single Sided | DS = Double Sided | PTH = Plated Through Hole | NPTH = Non Plated Through Hole | MLBs = Multilayer Boards up to 12 Layers | HDI = High Density Interconnection
  2. With Buried Vias | Blind Vias | Embedded Passive Components | Impedance Control
  3. In Fine-Line | Micro-Fine-Line | HDI-Technology | Forming Microvias in Laser-Technology
  4. In Rapid Proto-Typing | In Medium to High Volume | In Rapid Mass-Production (high speed/high volume)
  5. Specifications in DIN | in MIL | in IPC | In UL-Approval listed under File No.: 96892
  6. In SMOBC Circuitry | Bare copper with LPI Solder Mask | OSP - Organic Surface Protection
  7. In HAL - Hot Air Leveling also RoHS-Compliant (Lead-free)
  8. Gold Fingers-, Tabs-, or Body Plating | Nickel & Immersion Gold (NiPAu) | Immersion Tin Protection | Immersion Silver = Imm Ag | OSP (Organic Surface Protection)
  9. Legend & Special Screen Printing | Carbon Ink | Peelable Ink
  10. Profile in Routing | V-Scoring | Punching | Cutting and Milling
  11. With Electrical Testing

Especially during the last few years we succeeded in realizing new sophisticated concepts of automatisation, flexibility and other improvements in production techniques. Therefore we are able to offer state-of-the-art quality for a rate beating world market prices.

As in times of radical cuts in the "time-to-market" cycle, our "Rapid Mass Production" (high-speed/high volume) enables you to be one step ahead in your product launch. Moreover excellent preparation of the artwork and engeneering performance shall guarantee that your choice is a great advantage in times of ruthless competition.

Thanks to our own innovative automation concepts, flexibility and our efforts to be the best, we are able to produce PCBs at highest possible level of quality and prices, being competitive worldwide. As the role of PCBs gets more and more decisive for the business success in times of shortening time to market cycles, the PCB offers more potential for saving money than the price per unit: Our service & advisory concept helps you to launch your product on the market "on first hit".