Quality - Management - Guidelinses

Tolerances may not longer be instruments of the legalization of comfort results. Tolerances must be regarded rather as unwanted function loss, which Microcirtec have to avoid or to limit.

In order to achieve this goal, not only the control of the own production processes is necessary, also as a starting point of the manufacturing is the procurement of qualitatively perfect products of our suppliers. Therefore Microcirtec obligate our suppliers to be able to manufacture in application of our consistent quality philosophy and in definition of methodology and realization provably the correct quality. For this among other things counts the obligation of our suppliers to attach to each supply a test certificate. This demand is a component of our quality management system and we evaluate and control it continuously with an evaluation procedure. Beyond that the examinations are regulated in our house by employment regulations in the inspection of incoming goods.

  • In the case of each incoming order we examine first the contract and the reproductibility. Hereby the complete manufacturing process is simulated, so that the possibilities of errors can be recognized comprehensively and excluded by suitable measures before we start the production FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis).
  • Is this production order, which is always limited to a product kind, provided, the responsible person and technical direction of the project confirms the correctness and completeness in writing. With this release note the order is integrated into the manufacturing.
  • The execution of each processing step of the production order is confirmed by feedback in the PPS system. Then the respective semi-manufacture is submitted to the expertly trained quality-personel for examination. This logs and commentates on the basis of inspection schemes the quality status and the product agreement with the technical regulations of the client, so that a permanent feedback for all involved persons is given. Apart from the technical pre-production the quality assurance maintains the updating utility by means of internal indexings of the documents.
  • This sequentially documented production order serves on the one hand the evaluation of individual requirements of the product and on the other hand as result of the production achievement of the collection of actual quality criteria in the sense of the SPC (statistical process control). The interprocessual examinations are made in accordance with inspection schemes. As a final output examination our quality assurance provides central an output report on the basis of the systematically collected data, that documents the fulfilment of the assured characteristics.
  • With the electrical final inspection pcb´s are examined for short-circuit and interruption. The test system is loaded with the gerber data which is provided to us from the client. From this gerber data a net list is generated, i.e. all testpoints are determined. In accordance with this prepared test program the test-fixture-plates are drilled and equipped with test probes. The test probes led by the test-fixture system are steered on the concerned contact points. The test sample is then set under current and the circuit is compared with the data of the client. The system separates printed circuit boards, on which a short-circuit or an interruption was registered, from the error free examined printed circuit boards.
  • In order to make a completion of the customer orders possible in due time, a Date-Pursuit-System is integrated in the PPS. The daily received orders are in-rested individually into a production-planning-date-net. Hereby takes place the calculation of the utilization of capacity for each production-department, which results of using the technical specification of the product and the number of units.
  • The actualization of the time-conformal manufacturing stages takes place via the feedback of the implemented processing step in the production-planning-date-net, and the planned work time is confronted to the actually needed time (target-actual-time-system). Therefore the current actual value of the utilization of capacity is also given at any time, which again serves the sequential arrangement.