Service and Support

Thanks to our own innovative automation concepts, flexibility and our will to be the best, we are able to produce PCBs at highest possible level of quality at prices, being competitive worldwide. As the role of pcp`s gets more and more decisive for the business success in times of shortening time to market cycles, the pcb offers more potential for saving money than than the price per unit: Our service & advisory concept help you to launch your product on the market "on the first hit".

Advisory Partnership

In our Computer Aided Product Engineering (CAPE) Department the work is engineered and panellised through one of the latest computer front-end systems (panellisation is the stepping-up of a single circuit into multiple form for the most cost efficient processing). Following capability assessment, design rule checking and panellisation the Tooling Package required for manufacture is generated and released to Production.

We do not need a price "policy" as we use a sensitive - flexible calculation. Every progress in production efficiency for your product will be considered by the calculation just in time. Like this you will profit from improved productivity.

Statistical Process Control), DFM (Design For Manufactoring), CIP (Continuous Improvement Programm) and FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) are widely applied by designing PCBs that are cost-effective.

Flexibility and short ways to your key-accounter: Our colleages in the sales department are situated at the local factory and has ist own manufacturing experience. Your wishes can be fullfilled in short time.