Frequently asked questions

Account Holder: MicroCirtec GmbH
Name of Bank: Deutsche Bank Krefeld
German Bank Account Number: 064865900
Bank Code (BLZ): 32070080
BIC-(SWIFT)-Code: DEUTDEDD320 IBAN: DE02 32070080 0064865900

1. Log in to your account.
2. Go to the shopping basket.
3. On the first row called Item, flag the corresponding checkboxes you want to cancel.
4. Click Cancel at the bottom of the table. Attention! Only orders with status-(1+)2 are cancelable Status 9 Your cancellation will immediately be turned from status-(1+2) to status-9. The order will be transfered to the history of orders.

— For managing your DAs, a complete and successful registration is necessary — Under the menu point “Modify Personal Data” and the sub menu point "Manage Delivery Adresses" you can create new registrations as many as you want, modifications and / or cancellations. These DAs will explicitly be authorized by us and are at your right of disposal. — Out of your shipping address stock you can favour an address (Favorit) being frequently used. — During the ordering procedure, this one will be proposed to you. But you also can use a different one.

Yes we are certified! Scope of certification: Sales of printed circuit boards Certificate registration no: 05124-1 This certificate is valid until: 29.08.2008

Yes, we call it RAPID MASS PRODUCTION (RMP). RMP is a new and unique express service for large and medium-sized series ( 3 to 30 qm production size). The manu- facture of multi-layers takes only 9 working days and double-sided pressings only 7 ! (Minimum charge: 10% of order value). So far, express services have been mostly in the realm of prototype manufacturers, but RMP is on offer to all customers who recognise the market opportunities resulting from accelerated product launches or speedier completion of orders. The following brief feature describes the manufacturing concept that we have developed to achieve just such a solution Read more!

No, we make no layouts and develop also no electronic components. If you order, we check your layout and optimize it when desired.