Medium Jet Line Info

For Small Series we utilize our combined manufacturing logistics ased on a block building principle.

Different PCBs of the same materials and surface structure, but of varying amounts are combined to make up one production lot.

Preparation costs incurred during the manufacturing process can therefore be shared between several units.

We offer the same quality as a series production up to 1000 dm² PCBs size and pass the cost savings of the combined production on to you. Data preparation and technical support is, of course, included.

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Selected Capabilities

Archiving Process Data Drill- / Milling Program
Archiving Customer Data Production
Data Conversion E-Test optional
Design Check UL - approval
Design Adjustment Further Options

Technical Specification

Delivery: in Single Board Format as well as in Panelized Board Arrays and Sub-Arrays with / without Fixing Tabs finished by Milling and Scoring to size.

Data Format: Gerber, ODB++, DPF, Eagle-BRD
Type of the Base Material: FR 4
Layers: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8
Surface Protection: HAL
Electrical Testing: Flying Probe or Adaptor
Final Thickness of PCB: 1,00 mm to 2,40 mm
Junction in Line-Production: Yes
Min. Track Width + Spacing: 150µ / 150µ
Smallest pad: 0,60 mm
Min PCB-Length / With: 10 x 10 mm
Min. finished Hole Size (pth): 0,20 mm
Min. finished Hole Size (npth): 0,80 mm
Min Milling Tool: 1,50 mm
Number of drills: up to 1.000 / dm²
Final Copper Thickness: 35µ + 70µ
UL-Listing: - On desire-
Additional Prints: - White -
Max. Order Quantity: up to 1.000 dm²
Solder Mask: green or white
Shipment: Individual

The prices are exclusively offered to traders or final users who use the products or services in their own business or trade, or in their capacity as government or company employees. All prices are quoted in Euro ex works Krefeld, excluding packaging and the legal German-VAT. Customers located within EU-member countries outside Germany without an international VAT-ID-Number are charged with the legal German-VAT subject to prior approval.