Our team

Here you find your partners, if it concerns printed circuit boards!


Always for you in the employment, to help you over within all ranges of the printed-circuit practice; responsible for everything and for the case for it there, if nothing more goes. Please do not to hesitate at calling us.

Andreas Brüggen
Titel: Dipl. Kaufmann
Last Name: Brüggen
First Name: Andreas
Position: Managing Director
Phone: ++49 2151 825 - 1
E-Mail: andreas.brueggen@microcirtec.de


Our Sales organisation is in regular contact with customers to keep up to date with their requirements and offer solutions to their problems. The Sales team receives full quality and backup support from the organisation in terms of both engineering and design.

Last Name: Völker
First Name: Hildegard
Position: Director of Sales
Phone: +49 2151 825 - 303
Fax: +49 2151 932 - 450
E-Mail: hildegard.voelker@microcirtec.de
Last Name: Sprenger
First Name: Hendrik
Position: Sales
Phone: +49 2151 825 - 366
Fax: +49 2151 932 - 450
E-Mail: hendrik.sprenger@microcirtec.de


Of the entrance of your order, over evtl. clarifying delivery dates and quantity, with further inquiries during the manufacturing process as well as the conversion of your order data and printed circuit board information are to you our experts at the disposal.

Last Name: Vornholt
First Name: Thomas
Position: Pre-Production Director
Phone: +49 2151 825 - 218
Fax: +49 2151 932 - 450
E-Mail: tecline@microcirtec.de

Knowledge Base

Leo Leiterplatte at our information desk is the contact person for a lot of issues around the pcb and other stuff.

Last Name: Leiterplatte
First Name: Leo
Position: Guru and Shaman
E-Mail: tecline@microcirtec.de