For more than 36 years we are a value-added supplier in the PCB-Industry. Due to our long experience and continuous urge to highest perfection we are situated in a market position, allowing us to compete with the best in quality, efficiency and punctuality.

About 500 companies of electronic, automobile industry and telecommuncation benefit from the quality of our products, services and cost efficiency - produced and done by our 100 employees. On the company`s plant of 25.000 m² we are able to produce 3.000 m² of single-sided, 8.000 m² double-sided PCBs and 5.000 m² Multilayer per month.

"Time to market"

Especially during the last few years we succeeded in realizing new sophisticated concepts of automatisation, flexibility and other improvements in production techniques. Therefore we are able to offer state-of-the-art quality for a rate beating world market prices.

As in times of radical cuts in the "time-to-market" cyclus, our high-speed/high volume production enables you to be one step ahead in your product launch. Moreover excellent preparation at the artwork phasis shall guarantee that your choice of us is a great advantage in times of ruthless competition.

Quality Assurance

The spirit of our work and the measures to be taken are determined by the conscience to meet our customer`s needs. Quality concerns everybody in our company. Our executive staff must show an exemplary and leading behaviour in every aspect of quality. Development and promotion of fault avoiding working spirit. A cooperative management style is the first condition for involving our employees in the process of solving problems.

Mission Statement

(Aims and strategies in our policy of quality) "We are dedicated to total customer satisfaction through continuous improvement in quality, technology and cycle times. (For us quality is the creation of a product that meets our customer`s requirements at 100 percent. This means precisely not only to guarantee the physical and functional attributes of a product but also every aspect of service linked to the product).

We want to be a market leader through quality. Being market leader is only possible:

  • Complete coherence between quality requirements and the quality aspects of product. This means to supply our customers with competitve and faultless products and services:
  • Constant optimization our our quality management and quality assuring system. To improve the sense of responsibility and the ability ta act on its own according to our quality standards.
  • Reduction of the production costs by promoting a preventive quality management system and by improving the controling measures that rule production and business processes.
  • Superiority to the products of our competitors by guaranteiing the customer'requirements even under extreme conditions.
  • Superiority to the competitors in advisory services and precise delivery on time.

For the conversion of this quality term we seized the following measures in four strategic segments:

  • Structure of optimally functioning interface transitions between our company and our customers.
  • Accessibility for the customer between 8 to 20 o'clock.
  • Consultation of the customer during the definition of its product specifications with the goal of providing him a qualitatively high-quality product on the most economical manufacturing conditions.
  • Readiness for express manufacturing, in order to help the customers from date bottlenecks.
  • Maintaining flexibility by lean decision processes and optimization of the lot sizes.
  • Use of the most modern and mature production technologies.
  • Intensive and accurate maintenance of our production machines and the surrounding infrastructure.
  • Strict and all embracing system of product control.
  • Motivation of our staff to act according to our quality requirements by the introduction of a bonus based on the monthly individual rating system.
  • Job rotation within the departments and partial between departmens.
  • Information of the staff about the company`s strategies and to take into consideration their needs.
  • Sophisticated system of recording and rewarding new innovative ideas and proposals of improvement.
  • Particular appreciation of long lasting relationships to our suppliers.
  • Avoiding dependancy on single sources supply by cultivating relationships with several suppliers.